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Believe and Achieve

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School Logo

John Cross CE

Primary School

Believe and Achieve

Collective Worship

 Worship at John Cross is a special time for all children and staff to spend some time together as a community before the lessons begin. The aims of worship are:

1. To develop, through daily worship, the children's knowledge and understanding of the Christian faith by learning about and reflecting on its beliefs, practices and values.

2. To enrich the children's lives by building upon or introducing them to a relationship with God giving them a greater understanding of Him and themselves.

3. To enrich the children's experiences of prayer, worship and hymns.

4. To provide a time for thought and reflection and to promote spiritual well being.

5. To promote a sense of awe and wonder about God, His creation and ourselves as part of His world.



Worship begins with music, the lighting of a candle or the introduction of a special focus such as a vase of flowers, an image, a cross, a natural object or significant artefact. The children are invited to join quietly in this special time to think and reflect on Christian messages and values. There is time to listen, observe, participate, reflect, be still and sing. Everyone in worship is invited to join in singing hymns or song which are accompanied with live music played by the teachers or a CD. Children are invited to join in with the prayers. Worship concludes with the candle being extinguished and the children departing back to class whilst music is played.


The pattern of worship will follow: Gathering, Engaging, Responding, Sending It will include:

 Interpretation

 Reflection

 Empathy

 Application

 Expression

 Self-understanding

The on-going activities from worship are designed to promote positive attitudes such as curiosity and to explore religious ideas through reflection, empathy and imagination. In addition they encourage respect, to recognise the needs and concerns of others and to develop a balanced sense of self-worth and value. Worship is linked to God’s Big Story which is displayed in each classroom This provides a framework to ensure that the Bible stories taught are linked together effectively in order to develop a solid understanding of the key concepts of the Christian faith.



Our Worship Policy

Children's responses to prayer and worship

Class Worship

On Tuesdays each class has its own worship time which enables children within the class to participate or lead parts of the worship.

Class 2's worship was all about God's wonderful world.

Recent visitors

Debbie from NISCU visits us every term and this term, she talked about this term's Christian Value which is hope. We also had a visit from Julie from IAT who explained and showed us pictures of how our collection of aid for the Ukrainian children had helped them.

Worship in church

Every term, we start one of our school days in church. Garry leads the worship and parents and siblings are invited to join in too.

The worship planning

The worship is discussed and planned by the worship leaders, vicar and worship coordinator. Each term, our worship explores our Christian value as well as important events in the Christian calendar. Topics that the worship leaders think are important such as the Bible or prayer are also included.

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