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John Cross CE

Primary School

Believe and Achieve

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School Logo

John Cross CE

Primary School

Believe and Achieve

Worship Leaders

Our Vision 

Following in the footsteps of our founder John Cross, we are committed to providing a loving, Christian family school built on mutual love, respect and co-operation. A safe and stimulating learning environment will enable our pupils to believe and achieve now and in the future.

Our Motto:

 ‘Believe and Achieve’

Our Christian Narrative:

Our Bible verse is ‘Life in all its fullness’ John 10:10

Our Bible story:

The Feeding of the Five Thousand.

Worship Leaders

Each year, class worship leaders are appointed in classes 2, 3 and 4. Their role is to :

1. To discuss, suggest ( and help to managed) the class worship area.

2. To participate in teacher led class worship when required by the teacher.

3. To work with the worship coordinator to plan and deliver whole school worships.

4. To discuss, plan and help lead whole school events.

5. To meet with the  worship coordinator and the vicar termly to discuss worship themes.

Our worship leaders for 2023-2024.

We have 16 new worship leaders! Our first meeting involved brainstorming our ideas...and we made lots of exciting suggestions which the staff will discuss.  Some of the leaders  have already been given  specific roles so the worship leaders responsible for the worship tables in their classes have already been busy setting up new reflective activities to engage their classmates on the theme of this term's Christian value of friendship.




Our worship leaders for 2022-2023.

We have 12 new worship leaders who have volunteered and then been chosen to fulfil this role. During our second meeting, we brainstormed ideas for our school Christmas celebrations, our Remembrance reflections and our Christmas carol service.



Reflective Worship about Remembrance Day

Our worship leaders have already been busy planning and leading our reflective worship. Mrs Irwin led the introduction about why Remembrance Day is so important and then the children rotated around in groups participating in a wide variety of activities where they had to opportunity to pray or think about issues such as displacement, hardship and loss caused by war and where peace and forgiveness could help people, communities and countries to live peacefully side by side.




The Sponsored Obstacle Course

Please follow the link:


Leading Worship 

Half of our worship leaders led  collective worship this week with support from Mrs Irwin The theme of the worship was showing courage to stand up for what you believe in and trusting God to help you to succeed. The worship included the story of Daniel in the Lion's Den, puppets, lots of interaction, prayer, a song and some silent time to reflect on how this could be applied to the children's own lives. Everybody enjoyed it and took away something to think about.

Leading Worship

The worship leaders took on another very difficult challenge in the lead up to Pentecost. During the worship, they explained who the Holy Spirit is.

Easter activities 2023

After a visit from some international Christian students, who were studying at Capernwray, and hot seated as characters from the story of Moses for Class 4, the Y5&6 worship leaders really wanted to hotseat the Easter story for the rest of the school. So the teachers and worship leaders worked together to put on a full activity afternoon consisting of reflective activities, asking questions to the characters from the Easter story, Easter art and egg rolling.  Follow this link to find out more!


Pentecost Reflections 2023

The worship leaders were so inspired by their hotseating of the Easter story that they wanted to hot seat as people who were at Pentecost. Four of the Year 5 & 6 worship leaders dressed up and answered lots of tricky questions as if the were either a disciple or a bystander at Pentecost. The other worship leaders led quiet, reflective activities and all the children rotated round giving them the opportunities for personal reflection and for asking questions in order to understand the significance of the events of Pentecost.

The Junior Carol Service 2022

This year, two of the year 6 worship  leaders led the service with all the junior worship leaders presenting a short piece about how they have worked with the school community to carry out many acts of compassion to our local community, our country and the world.  In addition to this, many of the worship leaders sung in small groups or read prayers or lessons. They did a great job!




Remembrance Reflections.

The worship leaders planned and led our Remembrance Day reflective worship. Each leader chatted with the groups as they rotated around the hall, explaining the concept and helping the other children to discuss and complete the activity. The activities focused on peace and reconciliation, forgiveness, praying for refugees, praying for world leaders, loving our neighbours and remembering and being thankful for those who have given their lives for our freedom.



Here are our worship leaders 2021-2022 




Towards the end of the Spring term, the whole school took part in some Easter activities which the worship leaders helped to plan, organise and run. They started the morning by leading our worship where they explained the importance of Easter and how when Jesus died on the cross, he defeated death so that everything that we have ever done wrong can be forgiven. This forgiveness enables us to be reunited with God in heaven one day.

The children were in 3 groups and completed 3 activities on a carousel:

1) The Easter story treasure hunt: In this, the children had to find different posts and answer the question about the Easter story - this was a real test of the children's knowledge as some of the questions were quite tricky.

2) The children completed a mini carousel of reflective activities about the significance of Easter including a firm favourite - fizzy forgiveness. They also were invited to write prayers if they wanted to which lined the path  in the Easter garden that Year 2 had made.

3) Once the children had been reminded of the link, the participated in an egg rolling competition and an egg hunt! They finished off the morning enjoying their chocolate eggs.




Pentecost Reflections

The worship leaders each planned, organised and led a reflective activity  for the other children in KS2 to  complete. Their activities were also completed in KS1 but with an adult supervising. The atmosphere was beautiful with the children engaging calmly, respectfully and thoughtfully throughout the worship session. The focus was all about the fruits of the spirit and how we can live these out in our lives with God's help.


Afghan Refugees


The worship leaders planned and led ( with Mrs Irwin) an afternoon of thinking about the refugees in Afghanistan. They decided to run this as a sponsored event to raise money for them too. The whole school participated in groups and had to take part in lots of challenges which were similar to the ones that the refugees would be facing. This was a very thought provoking afternoon which gave everyone lots to think about.


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