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School Logo

John Cross CE

Primary School

Believe and Achieve

Summer Term: The Tudors

History: The Tudors

Hoghton Tower Trip

Details about our trip to Hoghton Tower will follow after half term.

Science: Plants

An investigation


We've spent the first few weeks of this term setting up and running an investigation to answer the question " What do plants need to grow?" We worked in 6 different groups each investigating the effects of a different variable on plant growth and health. We concluded that plants require water, light, warmth, soil, manure and space to grow tall and strong. The photograph on the right shows what happened  when slugs attacked our plants at night! So we can also add that plants need protecting from pests to our list of requirements!!



Studying fruit and veg

Using a cross section of a slice of fruit, we made a plasticine model to show how the seeds are protected by the flesh of the fruit. This fresh tastes good and helps the plants to disperse its seeds when the fruits are eaten.

Observational Drawings


We completed some observational drawings of some flowering plants ( which were actually very pretty weeds!!). We annotated our drawings with details of the function of the parts of the plant.


Our topic this term is ' The French Cafe'.


We made some of the different shops that can be found in France and learnt the names of the food that can be bought in them.

Raising money for Brain Tumour Research

In memory of Jack's brother, Charlie, we all participated in a sponsored run around the field. Wearing blue, all of us completed at least one mile with some of us even managing two. We're continuing our running at home to try to raise as much money as we can to help Brain Tumour Research continue their vital work to save lives and provide support for those affected by brain tumours.

English writing

Times Tables Rock Stars

To ensure by the end of Year 4 all children confidently know their times tables, we have subscribed to a programme called Times Tables Rock Stars. So far 6 children have completed everything and are battling it out to be the fastest!


Currently Harry holds the record with a rock speed of 0.84 seconds per question

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