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School Logo

John Cross CE

Primary School

Believe and Achieve


Our children's thoughts about trust.

When did people trust God and Jesus in the Bible?


When Jesus calmed the storm, Jesus’s disciples had to trust that Jesus would calm the storm and not let them drown in the sea.



When Peter was on the fishing boat, Peter trusted Jesus that he would get some fish. Then he got hundreds of fish.



Daniel in the Lions’ Den is an example of trust because Daniel trusted God that he would be freed and that people would be able to worship who they wanted to and not just the king.



Noah’s Ark because after the flood, God sent a rainbow and told Noah that he would never flood the earth again. The animals also trusted Noah when he led them onto the boat



When Peter walked on water but became scared and lost his trust in Jesus


Are people at this school trustworthy?


Yes, you can trust people in the school because you need to believe in them to be able to understand them.


Yes because I know they would help me.


Yes because we have Christian Values which people remember whilst in the classroom or on the playground.


Do you think that it’s important for our school to have trust as a Christian Value?

Trust is one of our school Christian Values because we need it for day today tasks in school and without it, school wouldn’t be as good a place as it is now.



Trust is a big value in life which helps us to make friends because we know how trustworthy they are .



Trust is one of our school Christian Values because we have to trust others and our teachers and friends so that we can learn.



It’s important because if you ‘re a liar, then no one will believe you or like you.



Trust is an important Christian Value because if no one learnt to trust each other we wouldn’t make friends or be able to trust our families and teachers to help us to learn.





Trust and Courage Worship 

This week, the worship leaders planned and led a worship about having the courage to stand up for what you believe and trusting God to help you. They did a fantastic job and even used puppets to help everyone understand the theme.



Class 3's worship in church


Our class worship answered the question, What happens when the trust gets broken? William, Henry and Ronnie put a clip together of willing volunteers from the playground who told us when they have broken something. We then told and acted out  4 different parts of the story of Peter and Isaac asked all of the school whether Peter was showing trust or distrust. All of us used puppets to sing to a song about Peter walking on water in which Zach and Henry did an expert  job of using their puppets to be Jesus and Peter. We included a reflection time, song and prayers. We answered our question by telling everyone how Jesus forgave Peter for not trusting him and this restored their friendship so much that Jesus even trusted Peter to set up the first church.


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