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Believe and Achieve

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John Cross CE

Primary School

Believe and Achieve


Perseverance is not giving up. The Bible does not promise a life of instant success. The road to victory is often long and difficult, but Jesus helps us to continue faithfully.

This is fundamental to our motto of Believe and Achieve as for most of us success requires great perseverance. There are lots of great examples of famous people who have had to persevere.

How is perseverance relevant to our school vision and motto of 'Believe and Achieve?'

When you believe, you always think you can do it and when you persevere, you think you can do it and when you achieve you are proud of yourself. When you persevere, you believe in yourself. You have belief in God to accomplish massive things.

Believe and Achieve is sort of like perseverance because perseverance you believe anything is possible. Believe and Achieve is similar because if you didn’t try in anything, you wouldn’t achieve.

In order to achieve in something , you will have to deal with challenges that stand in your way and you will never overcome these challenges unless you persevere and never give up. 

It’s important to have perseverance at our school because if we didn’t, everyone would just give up first try and nobody would know how to believe in themselves and they wouldn’t know what they could achieve.

It’s important to our school because we are a Christian school. If perseverance was not in our school, everyone would not try at anything and we would not achieve anything. Perseverance also helps us to try and believe that you can do it. 

When you believe that something is possible, you have to persevere to achieve it. Perseverance is an important part of Believe and Achieve at our school. Persevering in school helps us to do well and achieve good things. 

It is relevant to Believe and Achieve because without perseverance none of us would have achieved anything and it is relevant because we all believe and when you achieve you persevere. 


What does perseverance look like?

Perseverance is where someone is not finding something easy in life and they don’t give up until the achieve their goal. Example: I persevered in my SATS reading comprehension test because I found it really difficult and hard. 

Perseverance is when you try very hard. An example is bull riding because sometimes they get kicked off and they have to try again. 

Perseverance is when you try and try like Malory Blackman who got so many rejection letters but she kept trying until she finally got an acceptance letter so then she published a book.  ( A recent worship)  

Perseverance is when you try and try again until you achieve something. An example of this is when I couldn’t do my homework and my mum wasn’t there so I kept on trying until I remembered how to do it . 

I think perseverance is a thing that everybody can use. We can use it everyday but we don’t. An example of this would be a baby learning to walk. This is an important life skill that most people learn to do but have to persevere to achieve it. 

Perseverance is when there is something that you are bad at but you keep on going and one day you are really good at it. For example, you are bad at art but you keep doing it and you might become good at art.

Perseverance is when someone of yourself is stuck at something but you don’t give up. Instead, you keep on trying as hard as you can. An example is on your first day at school, you might not want to go in because you  nervous but you do go in and show perseverance. 

Perseverance is when you keep trying to do something. It might take you about 3 or more tries to do but you still would be able to do it. For example when I went to PGL, I persevered and kept trying to climb the rock wall. With perseverance, I was able to do it.


Why do you think that God didn’t make everything easy?

He didn’t make everything easy because if you knew everything when you were born, then you wouldn’t try. So if you knew everything  first then you would just be sat down all day long and wouldn’t learn how to persevere. This is so that you can learn and explore the world. 

I think that God didn’t make everything easy because it makes us to be who we are so we can develop our character. 

I think he didn’t because he decided that we should all be different and if we could do everything, we would almost all be the same. 


What do you think God thinks about perseverance?

I think that God thinks it is good because it helps people. 

I think that God thinks that everyone should persevere and keep on trying and never give up because if you persevere, you will be the person who you want to be. 

The Sponsored Obstacle Course

At the beginning of term, the worship leaders decided that they would like to plan, set up and run a sponsored obstacle course in order to raise money for the Charlie Robinson Foundation which is an organisation that is very close to our hearts. So the leaders worked in pairs to design an activity which would become part of the obstacle course, planned the route and details such as the number of laps.

On the morning of the obstacle course, they worked hard to ensure that everything was set up correctly ready for the rest of the school to complete the course in their classes. Throughout the afternoon, the worship leaders led the warm ups, demonstrated the course, manned up the activity stations to ensure that everyone knew what to do, repaired the stations if needed and encouraged everyone as they ran around the course. Jasper had spent 8 hours making some posts which displayed encouragements such as 'Believe and Achieve' and  'Keep going'. It was a fantastic afternoon  with lots of the children showing incredible perseverance and determination and really living out our Christian value of perseverance in order to help others.



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