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School Logo

John Cross CE

Primary School

Believe and Achieve

Autumn Term: 2021-2022

Leading whole school worship.

Class Assembly 2nd December 2020

We did our class assembly on the topic of Jesus is the Light of the World which is our current RE topic. Some of us put on a  puppet show whilst the rest of us told the story of the birth of Jesus. It was a new experience for us because we had the other 2 classes watching us on Zoom.

The Digestive System.

We used weetabix and banana to understand how food moves through our bodies and how the  processes of mechanical and physical digestion breaks the food down so that the nutrients can be extracted.

Experiments with eggs.

Egg experiment

The eggs were placed into water, orange juice, coke or vinegar and left for 4 days. The shell of the egg placed in the vinegar had completely dissolved leaving the shell membrane. This experiment taught us that the acid and sugar in foods can damage our teeth and reminded us about the importance of brushing our teeth regularly.


During our science lessons, we have been studying electricity. Within this, we have also learnt about circuits. At the end of the topic, we put our knowledge into practice by each building a homemade torch. It was so exciting when they actually worked!

Electricity : Making our own working torches

Raising money for Ethiopia

In September, we decided that we could do something to help the people in Ethiopia who were suffering from a lack of water. We planned a run and asked our relatives to sponsor us. On the day, it was very wet but despite this, we managed to do lots of laps and raised £131 in the end.


Building a Sukkot

When we were learning about how the Jewish people celebrate Harvest, we built a Sukkot on the school playground.

Food Technology

We had such fun designing, making and tasting our sandwiches. Thank you so much to the parents who came along to the food tasting session and tried out our creations.

Improving the outdoor area

In science, year 3 & 4 have been looking at how to improve habitats to encoourage wildlife especially pollinators. Here's the class cleaning out the pond, building a compost heap and cutting back some of the weeds.

Volcano making

We worked together to build our volcanoes from newspaper and then painted them ready to erupt them!

The Carol Service 2019

At Christmas, we performed our carol service in the church . We joined together with Class 3 to sing carols, perform poems and some children even danced to Oh Holy Night.

Our trip to the Blackburn mosque and museum.

We visited a very modern mosque in Blackburn to learn about how Muslims worship, what the 5 Pillars are and why they are observed. We followed this with a trip to the museum where we sketched some Islamic artefacts. It was a very interesting day!

The international students

3 students from Germany, Swizerland and Canada visited school to teach us about living as Christians in their countries. Did you know that the Canadians sometimes  baptise people in rivers or lakes and when it's very cold they even have to break the ice?

World Book Day

We had great fun dressing up as characters from our favourite books. We hope you enjoy these pictures.

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