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John Cross CE

Primary School

Believe and Achieve

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School Logo

John Cross CE

Primary School

Believe and Achieve


Following in the footsteps of our founder John Cross, we are committed to providing a loving, Christian family school built on mutual love, respect and co-operation. A safe and stimulating learning environment will enable our pupils to believe and achieve now and in the future.

John Cross is a 'loving, Christian, family school' with a strong family feel  which extends into the community. Many generations have attended John Cross and now send their children here too. The school has an excellent relationship with the church, local businesses, Myerscough College and many of the local residents.

Links with St Hilda's Church are excellent. Garry, the vicar, conducts weekly worships in school and school contribute to the Sunday services at Christmas, Harvest, Mothering Sunday and on Education Sunday. Members of the congregation support the school through serving as governors, listening to readers or helping with clubs.

Education Sunday at St Hilda's Church

Twelve children and five staff from school attended the Education Sunday service. The children talked about the importance of books and the significance and  relevance of the Bible in our lives.


Celebrating Harvest at Bilsborrow Church


On the 25th September, twenty children led part of the Harvest service at Bilsborrow church the theme of which was being thankful. The children started with a song thanking God for the harvest and they then explained why we should be thankful for our food through a short, humorous sketch. The younger children showed pictures that they had drawn and explained what they were thankful for. Some children explained that they were thankful for God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. The older children used puppets who sang to a song about being thankful to God because everything that is good comes from God. Class 4 recited a poem about remembering the plight of others who are less fortunate and showing compassion and generosity towards them. Class 2 children finished the presentation by praying.




The Platinum Jubilee Celebration


On 27th May, the school community joined together and celebrated the incredible achievements of the queen. The children enjoyed a fish and chip dinner which was followed by a talk about the queen and her inspirational 'Believe and Achieve' attitude.  In the afternoon, the children and adults completed 4 activities on a round robin which were collaborative art, a hunt to find out about the queen's life  and some sporting challenges on the field. They were then treated to a visit to the cafe to enjoy a cake and a drink.



Education Sunday

The theme for Education Sunday this year was 'Believe and Achieve'. Class 4 children talked about the school's vision. Class 3 explained the history of the school and why we 'follow in the footsteps ' of John Cross and Classes 1 &2 explained their future aspirations and how they are going to 'Believe and Achieve' in order for them to be fulfilled.

The Nativity Play

Myerscough College 


We have excellent links with Myerscough and at Christmas, Class 4 sang some carols at  the Myerscough College Christmas Carol service.

The Carol Service

This year's carol service was held in St Hilda's church. 

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